Adventure Log


We arrived in the City of Sails at 10:00pm on the night of Thursday the 12th. After some minor complications trying to hail an Uber using spotty airport WiFi, we made it to the first bed of our year long adventure. Our Airbnb host, Jay, doubled as our driver and we will continue to stay [...]

New Zealand Prep

It's almost that time! We've told our bosses and coworkers, sold or donated most of our stuff, and are now within a month of our departure date at the time I'm writing this. To call this journey a rollercoaster of emotions would be an understatement. When Dana was informing her bosses of her leaving, they [...]

Havasupai Falls

The hike out was proper payment for the landscapes we had seen over the last three days. 10 miles and over 2000ft of climbing, most of which came all at once in the last mile. The 30lb packs piled on our backs didn't seem so difficult on the gradual hike down to camp on Day [...]