Adventure Log

New Zealand Exit

It feels as though these last nine months have only been a story I’ve been reading from a book. I know all of these experiences happened - I have the memories locked away in my head after all - but for reasons beyond me it doesn’t seem to feel like reality. In a sense, this [...]

Survival Adventure

There was one activity I didn’t mention in our previous Lakewood Lodge post. The most rugged and intense activity, as well as my personal favorite activity, is Survival Adventure. Survival Adventure (or “Survival” for short) begins right away in the morning with a debrief from the Survival Instructor about what to pack in their packs [...]

Lakewood Lodge

They say you don’t know how good you’ve got it until it’s gone. To prevent ourselves from looking back in the rear view mirror wondering how it all went so fast, we plan to spend our last month at Lakewood Lodge reflecting on how lucky we have been rather than hopelessly wishing our time here [...]

Making Friends of Strangers

We were often told making friends as a couple would be more difficult for us than for our solo traveling counterparts. Naturally, when traveling with a companion you don’t need to lean on serendipitous relationships to ensure you enjoy each moment to the fullest. As a result, Dana and I often found ourselves “wasting away” [...]

Van Life

Mitsi is a 1996 Mitsubishi L300 with approximately 269,000 kilometers on the dash. In her former life, she was driven by an English couple touring New Zealand on holiday. Her life before that was spent traveling from movie set to movie set transporting camera equipment and various other film production supplies. She came into our [...]

Te Taumata Kapa Haka

Captivating. That’s the word Dana and I couldn’t stop using as we walked out of the theater. Earlier that morning, I was wide awake in my hostel bed still adapting to the time change and found a site listing the events taking place during the 2018 Matariki Festival. That list showed a haka performance happening [...]